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In 2015 PERROTTON has been honored twice.

For the 3rd time in its history, the company received the Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence from the US OEM Delphi.

The German OEM Continental-Schaeffler has also granted Perrotton with its trust by awarding the 2nd Premium Supplier Award in its history.

Delphi 2010 Pinnacle Award

Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence from the American automobile equipment supplier Delphi

Perrotton winner of the Pinnacle Award from Delphi in 2010.

This prize is awarded to a group of Delphi suppliers for their commitment and achievements in terms of quality, values and cost performance during the year 2010.

Quality Supplier of the Year cup from Renault.

At the Automobile Show in Frankfurt, Renault presented awards for the quality of its suppliers of eight parts and service providers, in recognition of their exceptional quality and logistics performances in 2009.

These cups reward excellence in quality of suppliers from any country, of any size or any industry. They encourage suppliers in their quest for quality and improvements in the logistics performance required today.

Perrotton received the Global Award because of the company’s great achievement on quality, after many years of progress. As a consequence, Perrotton is ranking 1st in quality among all its competitors.

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